Long distance running has many challenges. Being a T2 diabetic adds a few more!

Long distance running and an additional challenge. Diabetes! I’ve been a type 2 diabetic since 2007. Awareness of Diabetes has soared in recent years but unsurprisingly understanding varies. It is a complex condition so in this blog I’ve had a go (with apologies to the expert endocrinologists who will squirm at my simplistic grasp of […]

Sunday training run – London Marathon minus 15 weeks.

My training run today was my longest ever at over 22km. A lovely day for it with temperature at ca 10c, light wind and some blue sky. After an hour the niggle in my left calf came to visit and emboldened by having watched Luke Tyburski’s ultra Triathlon on Netflix I completely ignored it. The […]

Training with Somerset County Cricket Club

I discussed a number of training tips and techniques yesterday with some players and also support staff to help with the latest phase of my marathon preparations. Joel Tratt the Club’s Head of Strength and Conditioning had some really good advice for me in terms of warm up and the importance of nutrition. We also […]

Sunday training run. An early start; injured calf, tears (yes!) and a huge Sunday lunch now needed. London Marathon minus 16 weeks today.

Today was one of those where it was dark, freezing cold and with a niggle in my calf I had a voice in my head that said “Back to sleep Nasher you can run tomorrow instead”. I’ve never run a marathon before and I’d imagine for those who do it for a living or routinely […]

Training run in Alcossebre, Spain

Ran early and the scenery was pretty special. Here are a selection of photos from my 8km run today. They describe the coastline here far more eloquently than I can. 

Somerset County Cricket Club supporting my fundraising for CHSW

I’m extremely grateful for the support of Somerset County Cricket Club in this venture.  In December I was joined by players and officials to launch the fundraising.  I have a training run coming up with the 1st team squad shortly and will share some photos and video from that event.  Joel Tratt who heads up […]

Running the London Marathon 2019 for Children’s Hospice South West

Hello and thank-you for reading my blog. It’s for a wonderful cause.  In 2018 I stepped down after 14 years service to Somerset County Cricket Club. To mark the end of my service the Club have agreed to support me in trying to raise £26,300 (a £1,000 a mile) for Children’s Hospice South West by running […]