If you’re considering running a Marathon this letter was on Facebook today….

Social media at its best. I’ve already read this three times since discovering it on Facebook earlier today in the VLM Runners Group. Obviously as a first time runner I can’t empathise with the parts about the VLM run itself but I empathise with enough of it for it to resonate hugely. If you’re reading […]

The final countdown – VLM2019 minus 4 days….”Marathon running is about 90% mental toughness and 10% fitness. But don’t try it without the fitness”.

Just to say BBC Somerset, who have been great supporters of my quest to raise £26,000 for Children’s Hospice South West, have invited me onto the show live on Claire Carter’s Breakfast from 0845 this Friday April 26th. We will be talking about the build-up, the ongoing fundraising and the marathon itself. I have to […]

The online auction

A week to go before the VLM and the online auction finished on Sunday. We had about 24 lots offering a wide variety of mainly sports related experiences and goods donated by pals and colleagues for which I was extremely grateful. Watching each item’s bidding close on eBay was fun as several were hotly contested […]

My last long run today. VLM 2019 minus 2 weeks.

The photo is from the VLM Facebook page. It has a huge following and the words sum up how I’m feeling right now. I’m aching (after today’s 22km Run), I’m nervous and if not exactly scared I’ll certainly admit to being apprehensive. There’s a lot riding on me completing this not the least of which […]

Tapering off training runs

My first (and last!) Marathon is just 3 weeks away and all the training plans recommend runners “taper off” their training runs at this point. So, having done “twenty milers” for each of the last three Sundays I can now start to ease up. The theory is this is to allow any injury niggles to […]

20 mile training run Sunday March 24th – VLM2019 minus 5 weeks

With 5 weeks to go the training plan I’m following sees the need for the first 20 mile run so I set off before 7am into glorious Spring sunshine. My last long run of 26km was hard work and on reflection I hadn’t taken sufficient fuel on board and started to bonk / hit the […]

Time with Mark Church

Mark made headlines last year when he ran 1000 miles by running from Lords to the Oval and back again, twice a day, for 50 days!!! The run was to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer which had claimed his father whose two favourite cricket grounds were Lords and The Oval adding greater poignancy to Marks […]